”We discover the world of science and technology”

It is a series of articles in which scientists and researches of our university explain to the youngest readers some fascinating phenomena and processes which take place around us, as well as they present some inventions and the most important achievements in the fields of exact and technical sciences.  


 The initiator of the section “We discover the world of science and technology” and the author of the first collection of articles is professor Ryszard Tadeusiewicz, Rector of the AGH University of Science and Technology in the years 1998–2005.  

Visits to the AGH UST Museum

We invite you to take part in tours at which children will have a chance to see some items related to the different periods of the university history, antique models of mining machinery, models of metallurgical furnaces, and laboratory equipment, as well as an “Experimental Mine” – a research and education laboratory that is unique in Poland and one of very few laboratories of this type in Europe.  


Scientific workshops for children

Since 2014, AGH UST has been organising themed workshops for children. The main idea of the presenters is to pass knowledge in an interesting way, for example, through games. The workshops cover, for example, such subjects as “Iron – treasure more valuable than gold”, “Glass wonders – how is glass made?”, “We are building a house – where does cement come from?”, “Clock – your friend”, “From abacus to ‘Odra’ – journeys through the history of the computer”, “Does windmill only produce flour? – Renewable sources of energy”. The organiser of the workshops is the AGH UST Museum.